Srpen 2009

Jak bejt Scene kid(anglicka verze)

10. srpna 2009 v 17:03 | SunnyGirl |  ۞Ja۞

Tak jsem si teda dneska uplně ne mam čas možna že večer...
Takže jsem pro vas připravila instrukce jak bejt Scene Kid...
Ale škoda že je anglicka...

How to Be a Scene Kid

We've all seen the typical scene kids; The boys and girls at music shows with the bright skinny jeans and oversized sunglasses. Scene kids are often stereotyped as the "preppy emo", but that's just a common misconception. Here's how to become a true scene kid. Oh and Dont follow every little video on youtube that says how to be scene.
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  1. Work on your self-confidence. No matter where you are, people will criticize you. There will always be someone who doesn't like you; it's impossible to please everyone. You need to know that you're pretty and learn to embrace your flaws. It's important to know who you are and know what you want. Stand out to be confident. Remember, you may be scene, but everyone you're trying to please is also human. Don't ever become scene just to please your peers. Being scene is a real and true way of life.Also if you are going to be a scene kid in a place where they are EXTREMELY rare, be prepaired for the sometimes angry comments you will get from other people.

    • Don't get overconfident. Nobody wants to interact with someone who puts them down, or acts like a jerk, but don't let people walk all over you, either. You need to know just the right balance.

  2. Be nice. People often mistake scene kids for horrible, nasty little teenagers who spread mean rumors about others, and are very harsh to other people they know. You don't need to fit this trend. Instead, make a good effort to be kind to others, and have an understanding that everyone has their own problems, not just you.
  3. Become active on social networking sites. Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter are the main ones. Accept any friend request you get, and remember: the more sites you're on, the more popular you are.

    • Take pictures for your page. Only upload images if they look good, and only take pictures if you know how. Taking pictures from the bottom angle, (taking it from your hips with the camera looking up), is a popular scene trend. You can also take an overhead picture with you looking up, or a mirror shot. To spice up your picture, add something flavorful; a colorful tutu, shutter shades, or big and bulky rings. Feel free to edit your picture to take out imperfections, such as acne or blackheads.

    • Add scene music. Bands and artists like Astor, BrokeNCYDE, 3OH!3, Dot Dot Curve(:, nevershoutnever!, LMFAO, Jeffree Star, and Scene Kidz all fall into that category. Listen to different songs, not always the same ones over and over again. Scene music has a large range; it involves most music except country and most rap. Anything techno, random, or unique will work. If you can't think of a good song, check out what other scene kids are listening to.

    • Having a cool online name is an option. Make sure that it's original. If you can't think of anything, have a friend give you an adjective that describes you that starts with the first letter of your name. Once you've found one that you like, try putting it at the beginning or end of your name. Use whichever one you like best! If your friend doesn't help, try looking up a word that describes you in a thesaurus. Words such as Suicide, Murder, Terror, Horror, Gore, Glamour, etc. are insanely common and will almost guarantee you an accusation of being a poser. Never, ever, set your name as "Savannah Scene" or "S4NDY SC3N3" or "Scene Samantha", etc. Using the word "scene" in your name screams fake. Find a word that isn't heard often, and then add it to your name, such as Penelope Poetry, Grace Giddy, Melissa Melancholy, etc. Or maybe use your first and middle name, example; Hanna Beth, Jessica Louise, and Melissa Marie. If your name can be used as a clever wordplay, such as Alison Wonderland, try to find a witty name using that. Also, taking the names of a popular scene band or song is accepted, such as nevershoutkatelyn!, Ronnie! At the Disco, and Amy Starship.

  1. Take up the scene writing style.

    • When you type on things like AIM or Myspace, add extra letters to your words. Type things such as "hii", "bby", "heyy", or ":]]". If you're saying goodbye to someone, type something like "xoxo", "ttyl <3", or "<3333". The word "rawr" was a crazed fad for a very long time, however lately, many scene kids who use "rawr" are seen as poseurs or out of style. Using ;; and // and :: or && is also good. Make sure to use it sparingly. Another great thing to use are words such as lyke, sexi, gawd, etc. Also, look for different spellings of a word and use that, so instead of "poser", you can say "poseur". Scene kids are growing up and evolving, and occasionally talk "lyk3 th!s", although the trend is normally used by younger scene kids. Use abbreviations if you're comfortable, but always make sure that no one knows what they mean. Ex; "I'm going to the mall" would be IGTTM. You also have to know what HxC and SxE means. If you don't, then learn. SxE means straight edge, (someone who refrains from drinking, drugs, and casual sex), and HxC means hardcore. Most scene kids consider themselves to be SxE, although some are more HxC and like to be in the center of the moshpit. If you think a particular thing is funny, type "lol @ [insert particular humorous thing].

    • Saying that something is "so Vogue", as you could be describing someone's outfit, is a nice compliment, as Vogue is a popular fashion magazine. Some other things scene kids say are "betch", "you are the sex", "that's golden", "you're too cute STFU", or "OMG". Don't use irritating abbreviations in person. Saying "lol" is acceptable, but "rofl" and "lmao" are best left to typing conversations. Use new terms. Using words like "stellar", "rad", or "bomb" are all important aspects. However, don't say what everyone else around you is saying. If you need some inspiration, try Urban Dictionary, or even coining up your own word. If you do choose to make up your own word, make sure that it's original, and sounds good.

  2. Go to shows. Shows are important, and if there is a show playing within a ten mile radius of you, you're there. Always know when your favorite bands are playing, and go to a show at least once or twice a month. Bring your other scene friends, and become familiar with the artist as a person. Talk to your friends about how you met them, and be very knowledgeable about them. Many scene kids like to memorize all of the songs from a certain band and buy all of their CD's as well.
  3. Get the attitude right. It's a mix of the sullen teenage lethargy that comes with the emo scene, and the anger and saucy-ness that comes with hardcore scene. That's not to say that many scene kids aren't happy-go-lucky, but they are often a strange combination of randomness and angst. Whatever you do, make sure it works and you don't completely overdo it. Scene kids are at times very random and happy, but also at other times, completely emo. Use both as inspiration for the perfect attitude.
  4. Try starting a new trend. Several scene queens have become famous by inventing new trends. Only try to start a new trend if you are familiar with the scene culture, and have some credibility in your social clique. If you try to start a new fad when you aren't popular or have a good reputation, people may think you are being a poser and will ignore you.


  1. Get scene Hair. Hair is one of the most important aspects of being scene. One of the most popular choices is to dye your hair black, and then add in neon or bright colored streaks. Bangs also look very good. However, all scene hair has layers. Your hair should be big, and should stick out in a crowd. To be unique from other scene kids, think about what you'd like your hair to be like before you dye it. Try something new that you haven't seen before, as long as it looks good! The scene guy mohawk is very risky but in the end can look rad. Spike up your hair in the back, too, but keep it choppy and voluminous. Scene hair is just the same as emo hair, but with more color and personality.
  2. Wear eyeliner. Black eyeliner is a must for all scene kids. Start out with the pencil eyeliner, as it is easier to apply and doesn't get as messy if you make a mistake. Once you get better at applying this, you can gradually start using liquid liner. Liquid is good for getting that cat-eye look, and looks very neat - but be warned, it's easy to mess up. There are many variations of eyeliner; wings on the outside of the eye tend to be popular. Make sure that you know what you're doing before you experiment with liquid eyeliner. Be light on the eyeliner since you're a boy; less is more. Only scene girls use colored eyeliner.

  3. Wear skinny jeans. Guys should wear tight skinny jeans that embrace their legs, but should be loose on the back area. Washes such as red, black, gray, or white are the most flattering on a boy. Make sure that the jeans remain tight! If they get loose, give them a quick run in the dryer for them to regain their elastic and shrink a bit. If you can't find any jeans designed for guys, buy a pair of decent fitting girl jeans. You may feel embarrassed, but you'll feel great as soon as you see how good you look in them.
  4. Stock up on band shirts and graphic shirts. If you've done your music research, load up on band t-shirts (e.g. The Devil Wears Prada). Get tight fitting t-shirts, within reason. Don't wear crew necks often, as they can be very unflattering. Make sure that you know what bands are scene before advertising your shirt, as the band may be old. Vintage band shirts have never done any harm either. Shirts with birds, animal prints, and skulls have also grown to be a new fad.

    • However, shirts with foil print or plain colors have become overused. But, that's not to say that kids stuff like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Power Rangers, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc. aren't good logos. Make sure that when you go shopping, you steer clear of these old styles.
  5. Get classic shoes. Start with Vans Classics, or some Converse. These are the most common brands among scene kids. After you get used to them, you can try out some Nike high-tops, or any neon-colored shoes. If you decide to get Converse, make sure that they're bright! Colors like black and gray look good on anyone, but it takes a lot of confidence to step into the halls in bright red shoes. They may look strange at first, but they look great and stand out in any crowd. Also, many scene kids like to wear different colored shoes, such as wearing one red Converse and one black one.
  6. Accessories. Belts, piercings, sunglasses, and the like all play a huge role in your scene appearance. Bright belts with random prints on them and large belt buckles add style to any outfit. Oversized sunglasses or shutter shades look the best, and piercings are good, too. Remember, a couple piercings look good, but don't get so many that you scare people out of your sight! The black and white stud belt is about as classic as it gets for recognizing a scene guy.


Get the hair. Your hair should be layered and colorful! If you decide to dye your hair black, add a couple of neon highlights. If your hair is naturally dark, consider dying it platinum blond, or a funky color like purple or pink. Bangs look good on any face, and your hair can be straight, curly, long, or short. Many girls have very long hair with tons of teased layers all throughout it. You can never go wrong, as long as you're original!
    • As for clips, things like barrettes, bows, and oversized flowers have become very popular. Hot Topic and Claire's are the best place to get them. You can wear them if you'd like, but it may be best to play it safe and just use bobby pins if your school is already crowded with these styles.
  1. Dress appropriately. Scene Girls Wear bright colored t-shirts with popular band names on them. Plaid is also an upcoming scene trend. Don't be shy to wearing animal print skinny jeans, or wearing print leggings under ripped pants. Things like Hello Kitty, Invader Zim, Miffy, and Pokémon are very popular, but if you choose to wear these, mix it up and wear something different every day. Puffy tutus look stylish on any girl. Another popular fad is ripped tights, preferably fishnets, that you can cut holes or slits in yourself. Most scene kids also like to layer, by wearing a few tank tops at a time in bright colors or animal print.You could also try a cute animal print hoodie. make sure it has a zipper so you dont mess up the hair though!

    • Shoes. As a scene girl, you should wear shoes such as vans, ballet flats, Converse, or high heels. As long as it's bright and eye-catching, it will look great. For customization, add things like neon shoelaces or get your friends to sign them and draw on them. Make sure it looks individual and unique.
  2. Accessorize. Things like chunky, oversized necklaces, big rings, or huge bracelets all are at home with being scene. Have a jewelry supply with random things in bright colors. You should also get some huge sunglasses that are neon colored or if you want to go for a cute "nerd" look, you can find clear ones that look like real glasses from stores like wet seal and claries. Earrings should be big and noticeable. This also goes with belts, which should be large and very noticeable. Always be listening to your iPod, and if you don't like having tiny ear buds, wear big, old-fashioned headphones. Pyramid stud belts are a must. Piercings are also good, butnot required and don't get too many. Get a cool backpack, prefreably one with a checkered design and have all of your friends sign it. Decorate it with random patches and buttons to make it uniquely yours. Carrying around stuffed animals is also increasing in popularity. Domo, Hello Kitty, Gir and Gloomy Bear are very popular plushies. However, if you'd like to seem more original, find a uniquely cute or ugly-cute stuffed animal and be seen with that one. Take this animal everywhere, and have it sticking out of your purse (if you're a girl) or out of the top of your shirt or backpack (if you're a guy). Take social networking site pictures with your plushie and make sure to give your stuffed friend a cool, scene name as well!
  3. Wear eye makeup. Your eye makeup should be colorful; eye shadows such as green, pink, or blue all look great. Black is a very important staple as well. Many girls wear black eyeliner, mascara, and cover their eyelids in black eyeshadow. Put on fake eyelashes to elongate yours, and define your eye color with appropriate liquid eyeliner. Make sure that you only put makeup on if you know what to do with it. If you use a base color for your face, it should look natural and not abnormally pale or tan. If you wear glasses you have the ultimate advantage to go huge on the eyes because they're not so noticed if you don't. if you are younger or your parents dont feel comforatable with the idea of you wearing dark makeup try going for the doll eyed look. you can find examples of it on youtube. it is an eye makeup technique that gives you large childlike eyes which is just as good as dark make up.


  • Be random, but never over-do it. You may sound cool if you blurt out something out of context once in a while, but no one wants someone who screams "purple hippos!" every ten seconds.
  • Some people will hate you. Those people include punks, ska kids, and most members of the scene or local visitors of the local venue that are not scene kids. Don't label people, and then they might not hate you. You are all people, not separate species.
  • Don't limit yourself to one scene style, as there are many; glamour scene and emo scene are very popular. They just have more to do with designer labels.
  • Use popular scene queens for inspiration on how to look and dress. Examples of these would be Raquel Reed, Audrey Kitching, Zui Suicide, and Kiki Kannibal.
  • Make sure that you are very careful with your hair. It's good to use a thermal protection spray applied in your hair before your straighten or curl. It's also nice to buy lots of hairspray. Brands like Bed Head, Aussie, and Rave are all reputable brands.
  • When adding yourself to social networking sites, stay away from Stardoll. Stardoll contains a lot of posers trying to get a reputation in the scene world. However, Stickam is quite a good one for the scene community.
  • If you are not allowed to dye your hair, get colorful hair extensions like coontails or just block colors!
  • Scene kids are not perfect despite what you may think. They can have braces/acne/gas/weight issues/anything. Be your own person and dont follow every little detail of this page :)

//<![CDATA[ //]]>


  • The first rule of being scene is not to talk about being scene. The major sign of a poser is calling yourself a scene kid. So dont. If someone calls you scene say: "Na, labels are for soup cans not people." then people will know that you really are.
  • Don't change to scene in one day. You will be labeled as a poser, and will look like a wannabe. It should be a gradual process, one that could range from a month to a year. Or make the change over summer. I know you are so impatient but keep it on the DL and study up on the attitudes of other scene kids.
  • Don't copy other people.
  • Don't dye your hair too often or else you will damage it. If you ignore this, your hair will become wiry and damaged.
  • Avoid stereotypes about the scene scene and the emo scene. This will only distract you from becoming a good scene kid.
  • As soon as you decide to start acting scene, don't automatically label yourself as such. People will think you are trying too hard, and you will most likely be excluded.
  • If you buy every single bit of your clothing from Hot Topic, people will be able to tell. You don't necessarily need to know how to match colors, but in extreme cases go easy on mixing the patterns.
  • If your a guy and you buy a girl shirt they will most likely ask if you know its a girl shirt. Don't be embarrassed.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone
  • Scene clothing (skinny jeans, band shirts, and sweaters)
  • Hairspray
  • Eye make-up
  • Layered, teased out hair
  • Comb
  • Huge sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Shoes
  • Fake eye lashes
  • Devil-may-care attitude
  • Group of attractive, cool scene friends you can take pictures with in random places

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Zahlavi ze Scene Girl 0.2

9. srpna 2009 v 18:45 | SunnyGirl |  ۞Zahlaví۞
Tak to je to druhy zahlavi...
Ne bojte se Scene den se nokonči,on bude do 13.08
Takže minimalně bude 7 zahlavi!!!
A minimalně 3 designu...
Zitra vas čeka 1 design!!!
A hodně CooL picturek!!!
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Zahlavi ze Scene Girl

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Mně to vyšlo nějak ne Scene
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9. srpna 2009 v 18:00 | SunnyGirl |  ۞Ja۞
Tet je MoDa Scene kids!!!
Takže jsem vyřešila udělat dess s Scene holkou...
A taky dnes pro vas připravim Scene cool zahlavi a fotky ze Scene!!!
To znamena že dnes na je Scene den!

Tak zatim lidi ahojky

8. srpna 2009 v 20:18 | SunnyGirl
Lidi ja už musim jit protože začina serial ktery ja mam moc rada,
Takže Ahoj a dobrou noc vam přeje....

Jak stahnout obrazeK

8. srpna 2009 v 20:14 | SunnyGirl
Pro tich kdo ne vi jak se stahnout obrazek....
Pravym tlačitkem
Musite kliknout Uložit obrazek jako...
A vyberte si složku kterou potřebujete....

A mate to :)
Informace připravila SunnyGirL

Design BombonY

8. srpna 2009 v 19:46 | SunnyGirl |  ۞Zahlaví۞
Takovihle obyčejny design...
Pismo a odkazy podle vas
Pozadi menu-#FFFFFF
Pismo a odkazy podle vas
Rozměry podle vas
Pozadi zahlavi-#FFFFFF
Pozadi zahlavi Design....
Zapati design
No tak už to mate mnějte se....zitra připravim pro vice a lepe!

Zahlaví s kočičkou

8. srpna 2009 v 19:11 | SunnyGirl |  ۞Zahlaví۞
Konečně jsem pro vas udělala zahlavi s kočičkou!!!!
A taky soutěž!!!!
Kdo odhadne plemeno kočky na zahlavi ten bude mit ne jen zahlavi!!!!
Eště bude mit design!!!!


8. srpna 2009 v 19:02 | SunnyGirl |  ۞BloG۞
Prominte že tet neni
Protože vždycky mam problem s tim
A ne zapomente se!!!
Tet je srpen takže už se musime skoro připravovat
do školy
a zatim jit se zase učit...
Takže mnějte se nadherny


8. srpna 2009 v 18:49 | SunnyGirl |  ۞BloG۞
Ahoj,jsem moc rada že jsi sem přišla(přišel)...
Na jsem mněla 1 blog ale zatim jsem ho smazala...
Designy se mi moc ne jdou ale Doufam že vam budou libit ....
Jestli budete mit problem napište mně.....
Tak se seznamime!!!
Jmenuju se Luiza-----
Narodila jsem se 16.09.1997
Tak zatim------